Square Footage Measurements

for when you need to know the exact square footage of your home

Did you know that most properties in the DFW Metroplex are inaccurate in public records? Even just a few square feet can make a big difference to prospective buyers and sellers.


What should you expect?
  • You provide the address and client name via phone, e-mail or the form below
  • You can be present during the process or simply provide us access via lockbox or supra key.
  • We will schedule the inspection as soon as possible
  • We will measure all levels of the home as well as any garages or carports
  • Your house's measurements will be entered into a computer program with all measurements rounded to the nearest 10th of 1 foot 
  • We will deliver your report via e-mail within 48 hours of visiting the property. 
  • Fee starts at $150* 
*The fee can be paid via cash, check, PayPal or another online option and is expected at the time of measurement or prior to delivery.
Simply fill out the form below to schedule your accurate Home Measurement?


Need a House Measured?

One of the services we offer is home measurement. This service can be quite valuable prior to listing a home for sale as county records are often incorrect and square footage is often the most important factor (aside from location) that determines value. 

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